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Jun 05 2013


And this news could not have come at a better time.
Let’s just say the past few days have been stressful. Having planned to leave my belongings in my roommate’s apartment until I returned from Institute, I finished the paperwork I needed for registration, did some pre-work, and started packing my luggage. I was even making lists and organizing stuff like a fiend so as to bring only the most reasonable number of bags (final count: 3) to my five-week training. Then my roommate told me that she had to unexpectedly move out of the apartment instead of renewing her lease, which ended after June. Suddenly, I found myself with an apartment full of stuff without a plan to vacate it, and only two days to make one up. (I covered most of this in my last post, but I’m still recovering from the stress, so I wanted to reiterate. It…

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Moving to the Delta Step 1: Packing for Institute Hey. I’m just packing my life into a storage unit while I complete my 5-week Institute Training in Cleveland, MS, which is quite scary enough for me thankyouverymuch. It is overwhelming in many ways, two of which are very distinct. First, packing is scary because I…

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